Reopening Guidelines

As of May 26th, 2020, Bistro 101 is open for dine-in guests. These are the procedures and guidelines we are following to ensure the safety of our customers and staff.

Phase 1

To maintain the health and safety of our guests and employees, Bistro 101 will adhere to the guidelines set by the Wisconsin Department of Health Services. We use the following precautions when we provide in-house dining:


  • Seating will be limited to 25% capacity and no more than 6 people from the same household per table.
  • Dining guests will be sat at a minimum of 12 feet apart. All seating will be in the open area of the Hoff Mall to avoid using our more enclosed dining spaces. Limited outdoor seating will be available, weather permitting.
  • Bar guests will be separated by a minimum of six feet. No groups over 3 people will be permitted to sit together at the bar.
  • Servers will bring items to the table as necessary, including silverware, water glasses, and side plates. No service items will be placed on tables before guests are seated.
  • We ask our guests to maintain social distancing standards at all times, remaining at least six feet apart from other dining parties and avoiding unnecessary contact with staff. In particular, we ask that you do not approach our open kitchen, server stations, or service pick up window at the bar. If you would like to speak with a chef, please ask your server to pass the message along.
  • All tables and the bar will have a bottle of 80% alcohol-based hand sanitizer for guests to use.
  • All objects or surfaces that may have been touched by a previous guest, will be cleaned and sanitized before seating new guests.


  • To ensure that we can maintain proper social distance between dining parties, we will take reservations at strict 1.5 hour intervals and assign each reservation to a specific table based on arrival time.
  • We will not accept reservations for groups more than 6 people, nor will we combine dining parties from separate reservations once they have arrived.
  • We strongly recommend making a reservation for all dining times throughout the week. Reservations will be highly prioritized for seating. Walk-in diners will be accommodated as best we can. As always, we welcome walk-in guests at the bar for drinking and/or dining, if space allows. Our 1.5 hour dining policy also applies to all guests at the bar.
  • To allow for proper sanitization between guests, and to provide you with the fullest dining experience, we ask that you arrive promptly for your reservation. At your appointed dining time, we will seat you immediately. If you arrive early for your reservation, we ask that you wait at the bar, if space is available, or outside (weather permitting).
  • Late arrivals up to 15 minutes will be seated, however, we will shorten your dining time to allow subsequent reservations to be seated on time. If you will be later than 15 minutes, you will not be seated. Please call the restaurant to reschedule for a different time (if available) or different date.


  • We will be offering a smaller digital dine-in menu via QR code and single-use printed menus by request.
  • Take-and-Bake Family Meals will continue as is. You will now pick up Take-and-Bake Meals from our fireplace dining room area.
  • Happy Hour specials are suspended until further notice.
  • All refills will be in a new glass, including water.
  • We encourage credit card payments. Each guest check book will be sanitized between uses, and we will sanitize the credit card device after each card, and we will sanitize your card before returning it to you.
  • We will accept cash. Servers will wash their hands and put on new gloves after handling cash.


In addition to following the Wisconsin Department of Health Services safety guidelines for restaurants:

  • All employees will be tested with a temporal thermometer before beginning their shift. Employees with a temperature of 99˚F or higher will be sent home. Temperature will be documented on a Temperature Tracking form.
  • All employees will be dressed in appropriate Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) at all times and adhere to the WI Department of Health’s guidelines for handwashing and changing disposable gloves.
  • 80% alcohol-based hand sanitizer will be available for employees to use.
  • All high touch surfaces will be cleaned at least every half hour, including restrooms.
  • Employees will clean and sanitize all objects or surfaces that may have been touched by a previous guest before seating new guests.
  • Employees who do not feel comfortable will not be required to work, and their job will be available when they are ready to return. This may impact our initial service capacity.